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Evolutionary Astrology

About Evolutionary Astrology

Astrology & Evolution

Astrology is a symbolic language. It is based on empirical observations which have been developed over a span of thousands of years. Evolution, cycles and growth are all observable phenomenon used to develop the language of astrology. These phenomenon are based on process. Any process includes a past, a present, and a future as observed from the present. All of Creation, whether on a collective or individual basis, is governed by the natural law of evolution. There are two kinds of observable evolution, cataclysmic and continual. Cataclysmic evolution occurs when an excess of forces culminate at a moment in time, resulting in a total metamorphosis of that which was. It will seem as if these forces suddenly appeared, but this is not the case. The result is based on many evolutionary forces converging together which were meeting some resisting force. Examples of a resisting force could be your absolute unwillingness to make a change in your life or your absence of awareness that something in your life was even a problem like a bad subconscious behavior. The resisting force simultaneously represents the present and the past. The evolutionary forces creating the cataclysm represent the future that is a consequence of the past. When the evolutionary force becomes stronger than the resisting forces, the result is cataclysmic change. By contrast, continual or gradual evolution brings progressive or smooth cycles of growth occurring over greater lengths of time. This type of evolution is more gentle on a soul and causes less perceived chaos. It implies little or no resistance to the natural evolutionary cycles of Creation.

The Pluto Paradigm

Pluto Paradigm

Pluto is the planetary symbol that collectively and individually correlates to the evolutionary process. It is the primary mover to which all other planetary signatures are linked. Through Pluto, we identify the past evolutionary process of any individual, why he or she experienced a particular past dynamic, and how the past has conditioned the individual to the present state of conditions in their life. By understanding the evolutionary intent of the Soul, we are able to identify the evolutionary lessons that are represented in this life for any individual. Examining the current life evolutionary intent or lessons can allow the individual to grow and evolve through a process of his or her own becoming, and to grow and evolve in some way at every moment in time. Understanding the past evolutionary context produces a greater understanding of the reasons why one must undergo the particular lessons suggested in any birthchart. We see how the past created, shaped or conditioned the specific choices that we faced in every moment, and why we have those particular choices.

The Zodiac & Karmic Axis

The Zodiac & Karmic Axis

The zodiac, made up of houses and astrological signs, correlates to the total structure of consciousness in human form. The planets within the zodiac correlate to how that consciousness is manifested, and thus they set in motion consciousness itself. The planets represent the unique structural nature of that consciousness. Pluto, the Pluto Polarity Point, the Nodes of the Moon, the location of their planetary rulers, and all the aspects made to other planets from these points are the foundation upon which the structure of the Soul, it’s evolutionary background, and it’s evolutionary development are understood. Because the signs on the houses correlate to how consciousness is oriented to phenomenal reality, wherever the sign Scorpio is located in the chart, by house, will contribute to this foundation. Planets that are in Scorpio, or the 8th house, correlate to the Soul's intention to metamorphose the existing development and limitations implied in the archetypes of the planets themselves. The sign on the 8th House also narrates the Soul’s intention to metamorphose the existing development of that archetype within the manifested consciousness, as well. 

The Pluto Polarity Point

Pluto Polarity Point

From a psychological point of view, Pluto represents our deepest psychological and emotional security patterns. These unconscious patterns are carried over from our evolutionary past and are linked with what we find as the path of least resistance. Hence, they represent our security needs from an unconscious level where we find ourselves familiar and most comfortable. They are the known. As our deep seated security needs, they drive us to approach certain areas of life in exactly the same way over and over again. We get stuck in the same old ways for security reasons we place outside of ourselves and for fear of the unknown. Our lesson, or the evolutionary intent of the soul described by Pluto’s polarity point, is the unknown. The unknown directly challenges that which is known, and thus challenges our unconscious security patterns on the deepest level. It challenges our Soul. The natal position of Pluto points to the evolutionary desire, intent, or cause of this lifetime through examining Pluto’s opposite house and sign. This point is referred to as the Pluto Polarity Point. Once we have an awareness of the intent for our life, our Soul’s deepest desires to evolve, we can encourage this process through our own cooperation and non-resistance. As the life unravels the characteristic patterns of identity association, described in the natal position of Pluto, the Soul can be reborn to a new level of expression through integration of the Pluto Polarity Point. The implied limitations of the past will be experienced in some way so that the evolutionary point will transmute the limitations by bringing new levels of awareness and expression. 

The Lunar Nodes 

Lunar Nodes

We have already associated Pluto to the nature of our desires based on evolutionary factors. It represents the preexisting patterns in identity association that the individual naturally gravitates to in this life. The South and North Nodes of the Moon play a key role in describing how a karmic journey has been established prior to the Soul’s present incarnation and how the storyline can potentially evolve during this lifetime. One way to think of about the Nodes, is imagine that the evolution of our Soul’s intent described by Pluto is a movie. The South and the North Node are analogous to the setting and circumstances of the movie. The South Node is associated with the past. It describes, from a prior life point of view, the mode of operation that allowed the individual to actualize or fulfill the desires and intentions described by the natal position of Pluto. These prior patterns imply a sense of dependency on a certain kind of orientation in this lifetime, or how we have been conditioned. It is the setting for which the Soul became dependent on the preexisting psychological and emotional security patterns in identity association. Note that if you do not believe in past lives, assume this past is merely the earlier part of your life. The North Node is associated with the future or our Soul’s highest potential for evolutionary growth. It is the mode of operation to actualize or fulfill the evolutionary intent of Pluto. The house and sign of each of the planetary rulers of the South and North Nodes act as facilitators for the modes of operation described by the South and the North Nodes. The South Node ruler will facilitate what the individual used to develop the mode of operation from the past, and the North Node ruler will aide in developing the mode of operation relative to the evolutionary intent of this life.

EA Resources 

EA Resources

Below is a list of many resources you can reference to further your personal insight of Evolutionary Astrology.

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