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Birth Chart Reading


Below are the most popular methods of analyzing natal charts using Evolutionary Astrology. I strongly recommend a Natal Chart Reading before you have any of the other readings, especially if you have never had an Evolutionary Astrology Reading. The descriptions below can help you determine what type of reading you would like based on what questions you would like answeredWe should talk about what you want and need to talk about, because that will guide our discussion in the direction that best suits your situation and provides you the most assistance. My ultimate goal is to help you and to make a difference in your life. Although I am the one that reads the chart, you and I essentially do the analysis together through a conversation about you. You're the one that knows your story and the only one who can decide ultimate truth in your life. I'm just here to guide you during the process of figuring out your personal truth.


Natal Chart Reading

1 hour  /   $150

The Natal Chart Reading, also known as the birth chart, is developed by using your birth time, location and birthplace. This session may be centered around any part of your life where you would like to gain insight. Literally, you get to determine the direction of our discussion. We can simply have a little fun with your chart or dig deeper and use the wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology to assist you in providing answers to the following profound questions:​

  • What is my soul's evolutionary use for this lifetime and what lesson(s) will be involved? 

  • What is my soul's highest potential for growth in this incarnation?

  • What people or areas of my life could be involved in my soul's path for evolutionary growth?

  • How do I subconsciously relate to myself and to others?

Relationship Reading
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Relationship Reading

1 hour  /   $195

This reading is formulated from an analysis of the composite and synastry charts, using the natal information of two separate people. The individual natal charts of each soul is also used to obtain additional insight. The relationship is thought of as a third and separate entity in the reading. If you want to understand your relationship with your partner, the first thing I'd recommend is a Natal Chart Reading ⬆️☝🏽of your personal birth chart and work on YOU first, before even looking at the composite and synastry charts. That's my honest opinion of where to start, and then do a Relationship Reading if you choose. Through your personal reading you will learn about your own emotional and psychological security patterns in relationships, then you will be able to apply your understanding of yourself to how you function in all current or potential relationships. But with that said, if you choose to directly analyze your relationship dynamics between a specific person with a Relationship Reading, you will absolutely gain insight about yourself as well. They are fun too :-) 

Current Transits Reading
Solar Eclipse

Current Transits Reading

1 hour  /   $150

The Current Transit Reading is produced from your natal chart data and the locations of the planets and points at the time of the analysis or anytime of your life you choose to examine. This reading can bring to light the underlying currents of how and why you are presently living through certain life experiences. It shows what parts of your psyche and what parts of your life are being activated, transformed, deconditioned, and ultimately healed as you navigate the path of your soul's journey at that moment in time. 

Solar Return Reading

Solar Return Reading

1 hour  /   $150

The Solar Return Reading uses your natal Sun to create an astrology chart for that year at the exact moment the Sun returns to the exact same degree of when you were born. The solar return chart reflects the evolutionary themes that the soul will be evolving though for that year.  Analyzing this chart will create a major shift in awareness of these themes allowing you to navigate through the process with more ease and to make more conscious choices. The Primary Solar Return Chart is based on the birth location. The Secondary Solar Return Chart is based on the current location if they have relocated. Both charts will be discussed if you have relocated. 

Progressions Chart
Image by Fleur

Progressed Natal Chart Reading

1 hour  /   $150

The Progressed Natal Chart Reading analyzes the progression of your original birth chart at the time you choose to analyze. It uses a different time reference, where one year of your life equals one progressed day of your chart from the time you were born. It can also use a different location as a reference. This chart is a snapshot of the lessons you are learning and the experiences you are having that generally evolve over a longer period of time. This could be experiences that take a few years or ones that last half a lifetime, but the snapshot is for that moment in time that you analyze it. Some of this will show up in your natal chart reading, so I would look at that chart first if you haven't already learned about your natal chart in depth. But the progressed chart will add another layer to your storyline, and it can be quite profound.  ​

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